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GreenPaper is an online solution for in-print media to streamline production from in-print to online by integrating epublishing as a bridge.

What does GreenPaper will benefit you?
   1. For Advertiser: more choice, better result, lower cost
       - post multimedia advertisement: Video and Audio, Instant Web Link and Flash.
       - more space for lower cost by adding e-page.
       - a good position can be shared by multiple advertistments.
   2. For Reader: convenient, more contents, participate
       - more multimedia contents than regular paper can be read.
       - remote reader can get paper much earlier and easier.
       - readers can read their community newspapers even on a trip.
   3. For Publisher: more opportunity to gain ad income, less operating cost
       - more opportunities for advertiser mean more income for publisher.
       - more content and breaking news can be added anytime to attract reader comes back.
       - easy to get online, less overload and no special technique needed.
       - bring ALL paper advertistments online with no extra cost.
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