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GreenOffice, a Customer Relationship Management System, is designed for the business that wants its CRM to add significant value, not just automate sales calls.

Our Approach

LegoGreen develops application modules according to proven methodologies, and allows you to create composite applications to fit the unique requirements of your organization. It will be simply as playing LEGO games. Our five-step process guides you from start to finish in your migration to GreenOffice.

  1. Planning Phase. We begin by analyzing your company infrastructure in order to familiarize ourselves with your business processes, communication channels, documentation security control, etc.  Our research and analysis help us project a timeline for your migration and recommend the best course of action for your organization.
  2. Infrastructure Configuration. After the planning, we work together with your organization to configure GreenOffice according to your specifications and current on-premise platform.
  3. Pilot/Early Adopters Phase. Next, we migrate a group of your personnel (typically less than 2 people from each department) that you have designated as early adopter users to GreenOffice.  With the experience and feedback from these users, we improve upon the GreenOffice we deliver to you to best cater to your organization.
  4. Full Migration Phase.  Assuming the pilot phase is a success, we then assist you with a full migration. Depending on your needs and budget requirements, LegoGreen will migrate either all of your existing user base or share the processes we build for you so that you can manage the remaining migrations through your internal staff. In the latter case, we conduct more status review calls to make sure the migration went as planned, but either way, we provide post-migration support.
  5. Transition to Support. Typically, each project is provided six months of additional support from LegoGreen following the completion of the full migration. Your successful use of GreenOffice is of the utmost importance to us, and we will gladly assist you with post-implementation issues.

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