About Us

LegoGreen helps organization leverage Web Application and Database Engine to dramatically reduce IT expenses. Our team has deep expertise in legacy, on-premise enterprise management systems (CRM, CMS, ERP and others), and a track record of delivering deployment, change management, support and development services. In the new paradigm of IT consulting or support as a service, we provide our customers on how to best embrace the consolidation and virtualization, guide them through the IT transformation, and support them with exceptional customer service and an increasingly valuable set of LegoGreen's product line (Green Products).
A strong team of highly qualified IT professionals with 10+ years of experience in developing customized software applications on latest cutting edge technologies. We serve as dedicated development centre provides you with services of our certified Project Management Professional (PMP®) to make sure your important IT project(s) will be completed on time, within scope and budget.
LegoGreen develops software and provides professional services to help companies advance their adoption of paperless workflow procedures.
Our goal is to provide an applicaiton framework that turns business applications into individual business functions and processes. For which, we design a flexible set of principles used a service-oriented architecture (SOA) and develop application modules according to proven methodologies, so as to allow you to create composite applications which will fit the unique requirements of your organization.